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For Heathrow employees

Funding to support Heathrow employees in helping their communities

Are you a Heathrow employee actively involved with a voluntary group local to where you live? Does your group have an idea for example to promote health and wellbeing, connect Heathrow employees with their community, or support the local community? If so, you could qualify for a grant from our HAPi programme.

Grants up to £2,500 open to Heathrow Airport colleagues who are regular volunteers with non-profit organisations, such as a school, community group, club, residents association, charity, not for profit company or even a group of like-minded neighbours anywhere in the UK. To apply, your groups must have a constitution and a bank account that needs two signatures. Before commencing any grant application you must read through our HAPi Guidance and Criteria and Grant Making Policy.


For HAPi Applications

If you would like to discuss your project please phone us on 01895 839916 or email us with your questions at Please consider the time you will need to complete the online form before the closing date deadline as late entries will not be accepted. If any of the information is inaccurate your application could be deemed ineligible.

For Match Fund applications

Employees of Heathrow Airport Limited are also supported in their fundraising for charity by a Matched Fund scheme in which the Trust will match funds raised. Before commencing any grant application you must read through our Matched Funding Guidance and Criteria and Grant Making Policy.

Timing for HAPi and Match Grant Applications

Form required Closing date Decision
Round 1: Application required 07.02.20 28.02.20 - Panel meeting
Round 2: Application required 17.04.20 11.05.20 - Panel meeting
Round 3: Application required 07.08.20 07.09.20 - Panel meeting
Round 4: Application required 23.10.20 16.11.20 - Panel meeting