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The Development Fund

The HCF wishes to encourage the submission of well-developed and credible grant applications for its Communities Tomorrow and Communities for Youth Programmes. We recognise, however, that it can be challenging for charitable and community groups to find the ‘up-front’ resources to invest in the data gathering, research and consultation necessary to design and submit a grant application.

To address this issue, and facilitate the best quality applications of benefit to our local communities, the HCF is piloting a new funding scheme in 2017 which will support acquisition of data on needs and/or data to support the development of future grant applications.

Local charities and community groups can apply for development funds specifically to inform project planning and future funding applications. This will support projects of up to £10,000 maximum value, lasting 12 months maximum.


There will be one round of funding in 2017, and this is a single stage process. See below for the timetable for applications and decision making.

Form required Closing date Decision
Round 1: Application form 29.09.17 24.10.17 - Board of Trustees meeting


Please ensure your completed application is sent to us (full details on our Contact Us page) in plenty of time for the application closing dates listed above. Late entries will not be accepted.